Over the past twenty years, Greek wines and winemakers have experienced a renaissance with an influx of new winemakers and modern winemaking techniques.

Central Greece wine region

Central Greece, the heart of the Greek mainland, is a broad and diverse region for winemaking. Home to a quarter of Greek vineyards, 40 different grape varieties are grown. The region is more arid than Northern Greece and much hotter and drier in the south near Athens.

PGI wine zones

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine zones of Central Greece are PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Slopes of Knimida, PGI Opountia Locris, PGI Phthiotis, PGI Parnassos, PGI Thiva, PGI Lilantio Pedio, PGI Evia and PGI Ritsona.

Key grape varieties

Greece’s indigenous grape varieties have been revived in recent years by the local vine growers and winemakers in their quest to preserve their viticultural heritage.

White grapes

Central Greece is the homeland of two of the nation’s most important white grape varieties:-

  • Savatiano
    Grown in PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Evia, PGI Thiva.
    Savatiano is one of the most ancient Greek grapes and the country’s most planted white variety.It produces light, refreshing white wines with herbal 🌿 aromas. Little explored outside of Greece, it is starting to make a comeback now as more winemakers focus on quality, producing richer, full-bodied wines reminiscent of Chardonnay.
  • Malagouzia
    Grown in PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Evia, PGI Thiva.
    Malagouzia is a zesty, expressive and intensely aromatic grape, rescued from near extinction in 1983 by the winemaker Evangelos Gerovassiliou. It is best known for its citrus 🍋 and peach 🍑 character, often showing melon 🍈 flavours too.

Other white grapes found in the region include Assyrtiko (PGI Evia, PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Phthiotis, PGI Parnassos, PGI Slopes of Knimida, PGI Thiva), Begleri and Chardonnay (PGI Atalanti Valley).

Red grapes

The star indigenous red grape varieties of the region are Mouchtaro, Mavrokountoura and Vradiano:-

  • Mouchtaro
    Grown in PGI Thiva.
    Mouchtaro produces deep-coloured, fruity and mineral reds.
  • Mavrokountoura
    Grown in PGI Lilantio Pedio, PGI Evia, PGI Thiva.
    Native to Evia, Mavrokountoura yields zesty rosés ideal for easy drinking, alongside mellow but sturdy reds perfect to enjoy alongside roast meat.
  • Vradiano
    Grown in PGI Lilantio Pedio, PGI Evia.
    Vradiano produces fruity rosés and rich, spicy reds.

Other popular red grapes grown in Central Greece are Xinomavro (PGI Opountia Locris), Agiorgitiko (PGI Ritsona), Krasato, Stavroto, Limniona, Cabernet Sauvignon (PGI Atalanti Valley), Merlot (PGI Atalanti Valley) and Syrah (PGI Evia, PGI Lilantio Pedio).

Whether sipping among the emerald mountains and coastal hilltops of Greece or enjoying a taste of the sun-soaked Mediterranean from the comfort of your home, the wines of Central Greece offer something for every palate!

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