Mavrokountoura is named from the combination of the word “Mavro” which means black in Greek and “Kountoura”, a clone of Mandilaria found in Evia island, with smaller grapes, deeper colour and softer tannins. The variety can be found under many different names in the central and south Aegean islands, such as Mandilari and Amorgiano. This dark-skinned indigenous grape variety is preferred and widely planted thanks to its deep colour and firm structure wines.

Mavrokountoura can be the perfect blending option for all the poor in colour local red grape varieties. Mavrokountoura of Evia island tends to produce smaller grapes compared to its other siblings, and with high sugar profile. The grapes which are naturally high in acidity and tannin, can produce long living reds.

In PGI Evia, rose wines have aromas of framboise and berries, with a persistent fruity aftertaste. Red wines have aromas of ripe red fruits with nutty and spicy notes, are firm, yet ripe on the palate.

In PGI Lilantio Pedio (or Field), rose wines are fruity, pleasant and refreshing. Red wines are juicy with ripe red fruits, notes of spices and fleshy.

In PGI Ritsona, rose wines express fruit-forward character while remaining delicate and light bodied. Red wines boost fruity aromas, with subtle texture and full body.

At a glance
Resistance to drought
bunch size
Big sized grapes in large bunches
Vigorous and productive , late bud break and late ripening
Style of wines
Easy to drink and zesty rose wines. Deeply coloured mellow, yet sturdy red wines
Food pairings
Rooster cooked in wine, red meat, grilled steak.
Mavrokountoura produces
Modern, light, pleasant and refreshing roses Blends with other reds, offering its deep color and structure Firm and concentrated monovarietal reds with deep color
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