Delphi Sanctuary
at Mount Parnassus

Delphi, located at Mount Parnassus, was an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Developed in the 8th century B.C., the sanctuary was home to the Oracle of Delphi and the priestess Pythia, who was famed throughout the ancient world for divining the future and was consulted before all major undertakings. It was also home of the Pythian Games, the second most important games in Greece after the Olympics.

Thermopylae Battle monument
at Phthiotis

Thermopylae battle is probably one of the most famous battles of ancient Greeks against the Persian Empire which took place in 480 BC. Today at the site, stands the modern monument of the famous battle where the 300 Spartans and the 700 Thespians resisted till death the Persian invaders. “Go tell the Spartans, passerby, that here by Spartan law, we lie.”

The Monastery of Osios Loukas
at Viotia

The Monastery of Osios Loukas is an 11th-century monastery located in the area of Distomo, about 30 km from Arachova, surrounded by untouched nature. This monastery is the epitome of the Byzantine architecture while it is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and welcomes thousands of visitors and pilgrims during the year.


Katiki Domokou
PDO Cheese

Katiki Domokou is traditionally produced in the Orthis plateau, in the region of Domokos, in Central Greece. It is a smooth but grainy creamy cheese, with a soft, slightly sour aftertaste . Milk used for its production comes exclusively from Domokos, from herds of sheep and goats traditionally raised and adapted to that region, whose diet is based on locally found plants.

Pairs ideally with a creamy textured Savatiano or a slightly tannic but refreshing Mouchtaro rose.

Formaela Arachovas Parnassou
PDO Cheese

Formaela Cheese of Arachova is only available locally but famous throughout Greece. A semi hard cheese from the picturesque and cosmopolitan village of Arachova at the slopes of Mount Parnassos, which is pale, slightly salty, milky yet spicy, with a sweet-smelling aroma. It is made of goat or sheep’s milk or a blend of both. It is served grilled or fried forming a crust.

Τhe full bodied Formaela pairs ideally with a crispy Malagousia or if grilled with a fruity and spicy Mavrokountoura.

Kefalotiri Cheese
from Karystos (Evia Island)

Kefalotiri is a traditional cheese made from sheep milk and/or goat’s milk. It is a hard, light-yellow cheese with a sharp flavor and dry texture. Dating back to the Byzantine era, the cheese is the ancestor of most hard Greek cheeses Kefalotiri tastes similar to Gruyere; however, it is harder and saltier.

Τhe intense and salty kefalotiri matches perfectly with a crispy Assyrtiko or an oaked Vradiano with complex aromas of black fruits and well structures tannins.


Table Olives of Konservolia Amfissis PDO, Konservolia Rovion PDO & Konservolia Atalantis PDO,
Sundried Figs of Taxiarchi PDO & Kymis PDO
Shelled pistachio of Phthiotis PDO
Kiwi of Spercheios PDO,
Olive Oil of Rovies PDO, Amfissa PDO & Atalanti PDO