Having old vines in this region, offers to the winemakers the benefit to work with good quality grapes resulting in better quality wines.

For more than 40 years, local winemakers have been exploring the potential of the region’s wide variety of mesoclimates. In the beginning, they relied on international varieties but more so during the last 20 years, they leaned strongly on indigenous varieties with more confidence. Following the current trends on modern winemaking, local winemakers strive to express the aromas, structure and unique character of their indigenous grape varieties.

The range of style of wines is the most diverse in Greece: whites can range from light, easy-to-drink wines, to savory and complex. Same for reds: they extend from fruity, mellow reds to sophisticated, pure expressions of terroir. A special mention should be made to the region’s rosè wines that are intensively refreshing and aromatic, perfect for the Mediterranean summer.