Set a short distance from Athens, Central Greece lies along the southern part of the Greek mainland, encompassing the large island of Evia to the East. The diverse landscape is framed by a picturesque coastline along the Aegean to the east and the Ionian to the west.

For more than a century, extensive vine cultivation has been concentrated on the fertile plains of Central Greece. The region is in the midst of a quality-driven renaissance which sees modern winemakers exploring the region’s terroirs and new varieties of grapes – from forgotten ancient local varieties to international and grapes from other Greek regions including Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Athiri and Syrah, providing the base for the diversity of wines produced in Central Greece today.

Central Greece is home to over a quarter of Greek vineyards, which employ a combination of traditional and modern methods across some nine Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine zones which benefit from unique mesoclimates, unique varieties and skilled winemakers. The breadth of varieties grown in the region creates complex notes; 40 indigenous and international varieties are grown locally, resulting to the PGI wines zones of PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Slopes of Knimida, PGI Opountia Locris, PGI Phthiotis, PGI Parnassos, PGI Thiva, PGI Lilantio Pedio, PGI Evia and PGI Ritsona

Atalanti Valley

A plethora of old-growth vines offer winemakers the benefit of good quality grapes resulting in better quality wines. Winemakers strive to express the aromas, structure and unique character of these grapes. The range of wine styles is the most diverse in Greece: whites can range from light, easy-to-drink wines to savoury and complex; reds from fruity and mellow to sophisticated, pure expressions of terroir; while refreshing and aromatic rosè wines are ideal for summer drinking.

Whether sipping amongst the emerald mountains and coastal hilltops of Greece or enjoying a taste of the sun-soaked Mediterranean from the comfort of your home, the wines of Central Greece offer something for every palate.

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